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Shea Butter has a natural screen that absorbs and safely dissipates some of the damaging solar energy in sunlight. Because the oils in Shea Butter are the same oils found in the living skin, Shea Butter application is similar to adding back the same moisturizers that were removed by sun damage and aging. Shea Butter is an all natural extract derived from the seed of the Shea tree. Once the content of the seed is extracted, special care is taken to develop the extract into a smooth cream without destroying the natural and inherent properties of the seed extract. When the extract is prepared properly, the content of the Shea seed represents an excellent all natural moisturizer.. This product is biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and contains no additives or petroleum based products.

The Shea tree grows only in one area of the world. It grows  in African countries just south of the Sahara Desert, along the Savannah. Extensive work by the French to cultivate the Shea tree was abandoned after they were unable to determine the secret of why and how to grow the tree. The Shea tree requires 25 to 50 years to mature and bear  fruit.  Once the Shea tree starts to produce fruit, it continues to bear fruit every summer for the next 300 years or more.


Shea Butter is a product used for thousands of years by the West Africans. The Europeans discovered the value of this product over 150 years ago. However, in the United States, the product has been available only for several decades. Considering the documented results from regular use of this ancient remedy, a bright future is inevitable. Shea butter is a wonderful natural healing agent for revitalizing skin cells so that they regain their moisture retention. Unrefined shea butter contains a high moisturizing and healing properties.

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