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PURE's  Acne-Blemish System: APURE believes that any effective routine against acne begins with clean skin.    The combination of the amazing Therapy bar and the NaturalClear Acne Lotion or ClearSkin 10 works wonders.  With this you will gently and effectively remove the dirt and oil that clog skin pores, and then nourish skin to bolster new cells growth.   Like thousands of satisfied customers from around the world, you'll be happy with the result or its yours free. 

ClearVelveT Skin Glow Therapy  Bar
2. ClearVelveT (Alpha Glycol)  Fade Enhancer
3. Clear Skin 10 skin medication
4. Skin exfoliating  accessories

Complete System: $29.90 

Individual Items:



 ClearVelveT Skin Glow, Complexion Therapy Bar  $8.00 


ClearVelveT (Alpha Glycol) Fade Enhancer 1 oz.   $ 13.11



ClearVelveT (Alpha Glycol) Fade Enhancer  8 oz.   $40.00


Clear Skin 10
Maximum strength acne/skin medication 1 oz  $6.98  





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