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Ancient Secrets For Flawless Skin, Optimal Health & Attractiveness

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Complete Skin Doctor 1

Complete Flawless Skin Thera-P System

Anti-Aging, Stretch Mark, Skin Discoloration Thera-P,  Pack (5 items)

 1.  ClearVelveT Skin Glow, Therapy  Bar or APure Herbal Anti-Aging  Detox 

2.   ClearVelveT (Alpha Glycol), Fade Enhancer 

3.  APure Anti-Aging wonder Cream

4.  ClearVelveT Beautifying Vitamin C/E  Cream (Triple Action - anti-aging, fading, toning)

5. %100 Shea Butter

6. Exfoliating accessories


System AA1: 

Anti-aging  System  erases aging signs, regenerates, prevents aging, erases age spots, and  tones  

1.  ClearVelveT Skin Glow, Complexion. Therapy  Bar

2.  APure Anti-Aging Wonder Cream

3.  ClearVelveT  Multi-Action Anti-aging, Fade, Tone Cream

4.  Mushroom complexion brush


System AA2 

Stretch-mark Thera-P System
rases stretch marks and scars

1.ClearVelveT Skin Glow, Comlexion .Therapy  Bar

2.ClearVelveT Fade Enhancer (Alpha glycol)  

3.  APure Stretchmark Cream , Vit -E

4.  Mushroom complexion brush OR exfoliating facial buffer


System AA3:

Complexion Thera-p System Blends skin discolorations, blemishes, etc & tones. 

1. ClearVelveT Skin Therapy bar

2. CV Fade Enhancer (Alpha Glycol (optional) 

3. ClearVelveT Beautifying Vit c/e  Cream (Triple action - anti-aging, Fading, toning, cream.

4.  Mushroom complexion brush OR Exfoliating Facial buffer


58.95 / system  ordering options


$39.45/ system   ordering options


39.99/ system   ordering options


29.95/ system ordering options


System AA4

Acne, Skin Blemish system (Treats Acne-Pimples bumps, blemishes etc.)

1. ClearVelveT Skin glow, Comp. Therapy  bar

2. ClearVelveT (Alpha Glycol), Fade Enhancer

3. APure Shea Butter, OR

ClearSkin 10 skin medication

4.  Skin Exfoliating  Accessories


System AA5 

Shaving Razor Bump, Ingrown Hair  Treatment System

 1.ClearVelveT Skin glow, Comp. Therapy  bar

2. BumpKicker, powerful solution for shaving/razor bumps.

3.  APURE Shea Butter

4. Skin Exfoliating Accessories


System AA6  

Ashy Skin Thera-p Max Moisture system

(Relief for dryness & itching from detergent  usage, cosmetic/skin bleaching chemicals, sunburn, chapped /chafed skin)  

1. ClearVelveT Skin Thera-P Bar

2. Thera-P Lotion Tone Shield OR

APure SheaWonder Emollient

3.  APure Shea Butter

4.  Skin Exfoliating Accessory


System AH-1  

Increase Hair Growth/Healthy  Scalp Pack

(Encourages rapid hair growth, treats scalp, relieves the symptoms associated with dandruff, seborrhea, dermatitis and psoriasis)

 1.  Rapidgro herbal medicated shampoo

2.  Sheawonder moisturizing shea oil

3. Rapidgro herbal hair grow  & conditioner.


$29.90 / system  ordering options


 21.99/ system   ordering options


23.99/ system   ordering options


22.99  ordering options