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C       for     Community

A                 And

R                 Rural

E                 Empowerment

S                 Services



The aim of APureCares is to empower and improve the socio-economic well being of rural and urban people through productive self-help.  APureCares believes in strengthening people to find their own solutions to the problems they face. It strives to help the people create a new world transformed by an end to poverty and to help change the rules that keep people poor.


Summary of APureCares programs and current projects:

  1. Micro Loans:

APureCares is working on a program that offers micro loans to rural dwellers, co-operatives, organizations, NGO’s, etc.  The goal is that this would encourage them to seek individual self-sufficiency and would hopefully promote much needed participatory self-reliant development, which will ultimately increase the output and productivity of entire communities.


New Project:

Orlu Water Project:  APureCares is working with MM Brothers Company to provide water to rural villages from a new water borehole project, which has cost about US$36,000.00 so far and at completion estimated to cost about US$210,000.000. 

2.      Windows of our World Internet Centers:  Internet cafes & computer centers set up in remote villages /communities.  These centers serve as the villager’s window to the world outside them.  They make phone calls, use computers to surf the net, etc.   A pilot center is located in Orlu through collaboration with Callico Communication Center.

New Project:

In April, 2003, about (70) used computers were shipped to Imo State, Eastern Nigeria and APureCares is making arrangement to refurbish these and utilize them in setting up its Internet cafes.  New cafes are being set up in Umuahia, Abia State, Nigeria, Onitsha, Anambra State, Owerri, Imo State, Abakiliki, Ebony State and Asaba, Delta State. 


APureCares is now accepting used computers at the APure – Success Warehouse in Lansing, MI: 1305 S. Cedars St., suite 103, Lansing, MI 48910.  For more information contact Phone:800-960-0448

or 517-484-7694,



  1. Scholarship programs:  for rural dwellers and deserving youths.

4.      APure Health & Wellness Centers - providing subsidized medical assistance.

New Project:  In Anambra State, APure Care is working on a pharmacy project, which would provide medications assistance to the needy – in collaboration with Quality First Pharmacy located at 23 Owerri Road, Onitsha, Anambra State. 

APureCares is now accepting un-opened medical supplies and used medical equipment at the APure – Success Warehouse in Lansing, MI: 1305 S. Cedars St., suite 103, Lansing, MI 48910.  For more information contact


or 517-484-7694,

5.      Community to Community trade & exchange:  Assist individuals and communities receive fair market value for what they produce – example: in collaboration with APure – Success; arts & crafts made by rural dwellers in APureCares projects are to be offered on APure Cares websites for APure - Success Distributors and end-users worldwide to order and appreciate. 

New Project:

APureCares is collaborating with APure-Success to construct a new Skills & Enterprise Center in Amaifeke, Imo State.  When completed the center will serve as an incubator center for rural poor who ordinarily could not afford a modern facility to engage in such diverse businesses as: traditional shea nut preparations; raw herb gathering & preparation, palm produce procurement, wood carving, herbal soap making, traditional herbal medicine practices, etc.

6.      Promote education, literacy skill training and human resource development as a means of enhancing popular participation.

New Project:

APureCares is conducting feasibility studies in Ezimba, Orlu and Orsu Local Government School boards to enable it install computers in pilot schools in these three Local Government areas.  Discussion is also underway with (2) Volunteer computer professionals APureCares who would fly in and work with locals in these projects.

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