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Ashy/Dry Skin Therapy System:  Now you can finally kiss dry "ashy skin" goodbye with the hydrating APURE skin therapy lotion made with 100% shea butter - the most effective natural skin healer, moisturizer and conditioner.  It does not contain any mineral oil and was blended with moisture retentive herbs that allow the skin to breath (not clog) and which promotes cell growth.  This therapeutic lotion is so safe that it could be used on children and so rich that only a few drops softens and moisturizes even the roughest , weather-abused, over-dry skin on contact.  It is excellent in relieving dryness and itching from sunburn, detergent allergy, "winter-itch", chapped or chafed skin, aging, diaper rash or heat rash.



Complete System: Includes:

1. ClearVelveT Skin Thera-P Bar

APure SheaWonder Emollient

3. Apure Shea Butter

4. Skin Exfoliating Accessories

Complete System: $23.99


Buy Items Separately:



 ClearVelveT Skin Glow, Complexion Therapy  Bar   $8.00 


Shea Wonder Emollient $10.00

100% Pure Shea Butter   4 oz  $10.00

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