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Do you have difficulty growing hair? Are you tired of chemicals that clog hair follicles and make it hard to manage hair?
Are you in need of a wholesome approach to hair care and hair treatment?


APure-ClearVelveT Complete system $21.99

APure Rapidgro: Amazing blend of Herbs for Rapid Hair Growth and nutri-cream Conditioning - helps stimulate fast hair growth as its astonishing organics, Shea Wonder oil and an array of proven herbs & vitamins nourish and stimulate your hair roots/follicles to blossom.

 Provides excellent High sheen, conditioning &moisturizing.

·       Revives chemically damaged or over processed hair

·       Helps stop dryness & breakage

·       Excellent for all styles: texturized, premed, curls, naturals, locks.

Hair re-grow, healthy scalp Thera-p system

2 Easy Steps to re-grow Longer, fuller hair & Healthier Scalp  Triple benefits - rapid hair re-grow, healthier scalp therapy, perfect grooming Originally developed to help those undergoing medical conditions that make it difficult to grow hair, Rapidgro offers you the best of both worlds - rapid hair growth and perfect hair grooming tool.

APure SheaWonder Herbal Thera-p Oil & moisturizer - without scalp clogging mineral oil  SheaWonder super moisturizes & rejuvenates hair, scalp & skin - without chemicals: Unique blend of renewing shea butter,  tropical flowers oils, herbs, botanical & palm tree protein complex.

Rapidgro Medicated Scalp Thera-P Shampoo:

Combines the best of nature and modern science to offer your hair and scalp total therapeutic care.  It works  with your hair’s own molecular structure and protein composition to encourage hair growth. It also removes chemical build-up that develops from repeated use of  grooming products. Controls and relieves itching, irritation, redness, flaking and scaling associated with dandruff, seborrheic, dermatitis, psoriasis  & much more..  

3 Easy steps to re-grow longer, fuller hair & enjoy Healthier scalp:

Direction:  1.  Wet scalp & hair, massage in shampoo, work up lather and massage for 3-5 minutes & rinse out thoroughly.  Repeat.  Unclog scalp – remove sebum , chemical residue build-up.  Hair roots/follicles are now ready to receive Rapidro nourishment.  

2.  Pat hair, apply Rapidgro nutri-cream & massage into scalp; let it set for (1-2 minutes).

3. Then apply SheaWonder Herbal oil, wait a minute; & then style as desired.   Repeat day & night.

Note: To treat scalp disorders or Relieve itching, irritation, flaking associated with Dandruff, dermatitis, etc. please follow instructions on the Rapidgro shampoo label)

For daily regular everyday grooming, follow instructions on Rapidgro nutri-cream & that on SheaWonder Herbal oil.

APure-ClearVelveT Complete system $21.99

Buy As Individual Items

Shea Wonder Herbal Thera-P Oil & Moisturizer 2 oz. $6.95


Rapid Gro TheraP Shampoo $7.99 each  

RapidGro Nutri Cream Conditioner  $10.99 each  





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