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Enjoy The All Natural APure LeanBody, Amino Protein:
Burn The Fat: Maintain Your Body's Nutritional Support, Plus, Enjoy Extra-ordinary Energy Boost

Have you ever wondered why some people look sickly while trying to loose weight???  The reason simply is that in their effort to lose weight so fast, some of them starve their body of the necessary nutritional support (Net Protein Utilization) which the body needs to remain health & strong.  A common sense approach would be one that allows the body to shed unwanted fat while still receiving the necessary nutritional support.

APURE LeanBody Amino protein has the answer.  It is a great natural source of available amino acids in liquid form.  This unique blend of (18) amino acids can be rapidly absorbed and used by the body for energy and to help preserve lean body mass (muscle).  This is extremely important for individuals interested in losing unwanted fat and also by those in body building programs.

At Night, or during rest, APure Leanbody uses the process of thermogenesis to burn calories in your body and store the energy for you to use when you wake up.  

APURE LEANBODY is fortified with high nitrogen loaded with the following amino acids:  Glycerin, Proline and Arginine, which provides your body  the necessary NPU (Net Protein Utilization Factor).  This is key in helping you maintain lean body mass and build muscle tissue - while you lose weight.  Simply stated:  you burn fat and not the nutritional support which you need to maintain the necessary healthy, lean body mass ratio. $35.00  One month's supply per 16 oz.

Apure Daily - vigor multi-vitamins, 100 tabs  $9.98

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